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The best outdoor lights 2022: sophisticated exterior lighting for the home

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The best outdoor lights 2022: sophisticated exterior lighting for the home

Superb solar spotlight set for illuminating the shrubbery

If you’re looking to light up a cosy corner of your garden and don’t fancy the thought of having to hire the services 

of an electrician, consider installing this impressive set of four solar-powered spots instead.

Simply stake the 24cm x 20cm solar panel into the ground and attach the four 4.5m waterproof cables to each high-quality spot. 

The panel absorbs the sun’s energy during the day and, come darkness, its built-in light sensor flicks the lights on.

The reasonably-priced 200-lumen solar system has a combined illumination range of about five metres so its perfect for highlighting 

small trees, shrubs and water features. In summer, you can safely expect them to go on shining till well past bedtime. Highly 


Classy but slightly fragile string lights

If you have a patio, balcony, veranda or even a decent tree, consider stringing up this elegant garland of quality 

watertight, vintage-style LED bulbs. The  Festoon package comes with ten 0.5w filament-style, screw-in LEDs 

encased in crystal-clear glass (replete with nail hoops), a long 9.5-metre cable and a 36-volt power transformer. 

The light they give off is in the warm white region and the brightness of each bulb is equivalent to a 25-watt filament.

 Their combined power consumption is a negligible five watts.

This writer would advise unscrewing the bulbs before installing lest you smash any in the process. Also, be sure to place 

the transformer indoors or in a safe, dry outdoor area; an inconvenience, yes, but what were you expecting from a 

mains-powered outdoor lighting system?