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New technologies in lighting industry

Views:2764 Update time:2022-01-06

New technologies in lighting industry 

1. Internet of Things

The connected lighting technology that will link all of your electronic gadgets with your lighting fixtures is going to be 

the internet of things. IoT is a realm of technology that will connect your lighting gadgets with your smart gadgets

using the internet. This technology has given birth to the remotely regulated lighting fixtures that can be operated 

using our smart gadgets. For instance, with this technology, you will be able to switch on your home lights from your

car with the help of your smartphone before even entering your home.

2. Wireless Technology

Wireless lighting technology will be a prominent part of the lighting industry, especially in retrofit projects. As well as 

radio-frequency-based systems, there are technologies such as power-line communication, which uses mains power lines 

to carry data to and from your fittings. Moreover, these days, wired lighting systems are being got replaced with wireless 

lighting technology as it is easy to control and highly accessible.

3. Healthy Lighting Technology

The research has been made in the concept - the impact of color on the mood. It has been researched that light color, 

wave spectrum and temperature of the light affects the mood and productivity of a person. With this phenomenon, healthy

lighting and health-oriented lighting fixtures are getting popular in the next year. LEDs are used with healthy lighting technology 

to produce an extraordinary ambiance. Medical facilities are using healthy light technology to calm their patients during intense 

surgeries and prompt the healing process.