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The Real Truth About Solar Lights

Views:2852 Update time:2021-12-31

The Real Truth About Solar Lights

It’s a trend which is only going to increase as customers plump for the cheapest possible option. 

You’ll see supermarket chains and DIY stores offering incredibly great value solar lights that will 

promise everything for lighting up your shrubs and trees for Christmas and all year, and they seem

to be the perfect solution. If you’ve got no power socket outside your home or simply believe that 

solar is the answer to your prayers then you need to read this.

Like anything in life nothing comes for free and cheaper does not always mean better, with solar lights 

included. Firstly you have to take into consideration where your location. Not exactly a sun worshippers 

paradise, you’ll be lucky to get 7 days of sunshine in the height of summer and 2 hours in the dark depths 

of winter. Apply this to solar lights and you’ll surely ask yourself why the UK is one of the biggest consumers 

of solar garden lights in Europe.

A solar light comprises of a panel with a battery inside to store the sunlight as energy. The stronger the 

panel and higher quality the battery then the better quality the solar light will be. Firstly it is impossible to 

produce a solar light that offers the same if not more brightness than a main power garden lights.

If you’re prepared to accept that a solar fairy light or solar garden light will offer a pretty but reduced 

light output then you’ll find something to suit.