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To Light Up Your Life with Gorgeous String Lights

Views:2554 Update time:2021-11-20

To Light Up Your Life with Gorgeous String Lights

1.Say What You Mean with Lights

No matter the message you want to convey, string lights can make your thoughts shine. A few nails at

key points bring shape to the word you want to highlight. With the nails in place, all you need to do is 

put the string of lights in place. Live. Love. Dance. Laugh. Pray. Say anything you want with lights.

2.Add Romance and Glamour to Your Bed

A soft glow brings romance and relaxation to this beach-inspired bedroom. A platform bed, made from

rough wood, is the perfect spot to nestle string lights under the mattress. Add as many strings as you want

to create the perfect amount of light in your bedroom. When it’s time to turn off the lights, turn on the 

glow for romance and fun.

3.Displaying Photos is a Breeze with String Lights

This corner display doubles as a lighting feature as well as the place to see the latest vacation photos. Zig-

zagging from one wall to the next, this light string runs from the ceiling down. Each zig or zag offers one or

two spots for precious photos to hang, with the help of a clothespin.