LED Copper Fairy String Lights

  • RGB Color Changing: Onlly outdoor string lights offer 8 colors (7 single colors +1 mixed color) and 8 lighting modes for each color, including steady on, slow fade, twinkle, random, jump, variable speed flash, falling star, and wave. Choose different color outdoor lights you like or need to decorate your backyard, balcony, porch, deck, gazebo, patio, awning, wedding, party, barbecue, romantic dinner, and promote emotional communication. Also perfect Halloween and Christmas lights.

  • Waterproof & Safety Use: Outdoor lights for patio withstand all weather year-round, like rain, wind, snow, hot weather, and damp climates, you no longer need to replace shorted bulbs repeatedly. There are 30 LED bulbs on 35 ft string lights for outside and offer 2 extra bulbs to replace.6 V low voltage and 6 W low power RGB led light can prevent the bulb from overheating and extinguishing or even sparking after prolonged use. It also saves energy and reduces electricity bills.

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