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What are smart string lights?

Most smart string lights can be controlled via a companion app, and, some integrate with smart assistants like

 Amazon’s Alexa and Tuya. SHINE GLORYsmart outdoor string lights are all that—and then some.


Each strand comes with six bulbs that can be individually customized to a certain color or set color patterns. 

Up to four strands SHINE GLORY smart string lights can be connected together (a total of 24 bulbs) for a 

larger display. There are 16 color options. Since these lights display 80 Lumen on every single bulb, 

they’re brighter than the regular 20 Lumen bulbs that are more commonly found in string lights.


They can sync up with music

No, these smart lights don’t play music. However, they do have the ability to “dance” to the beat of a song—

and it’s a really neat feature. In order to work,the lights must be set to the “Music” mode in app. There’s no

 pairing required, as the string lights have a highly sensitive mic built right into the strand itself.